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Is getting high and playing in VR really a good life choice? Virtual Reality is able to transport you to entirely new worlds, sometimes with little more than a headset and a good pair of headphones. This offers up plenty of questions, including of course whether using VR while you are high is a good idea or not. After smoking with friends you might be tempted to jump into a […]

Beam is rolling out to Xbox One Insiders in the Beta ring! Beam should now be available for Xbox One Insiders in the Beta ring, both for streaming your games, and viewing other content creator’s streams. The new build also brings a wave of new bug fixes, optimizations and other improvements. Here’s everything you need to know. DETAILS OS version released: rs2_release_xbox_1703.170221-1900 Available: 2:00PM PST 2/25 (10:00PM GMT 25/2) NEW […]

They get you with the fine print, then make the fine print hard to find. I spent the better part of last week digging through websites, calling representatives and generally pulling my hair out trying to sort out all the details about cellular phone service from the Big Four. I came to a couple of conclusions, the clearest of which is that all four of them do whatever they can […]

I’ve just returned from BlackBerry’s Mobile World Congress event, where I got to spend some time with the new BlackBerry KeyOne, an Android phone with an obvious difference. The KeyOne is a return to classic BlackBerry form, hitching a full physical keyboard to the bottom of a solidly built, decently specced Android device with a layer of BlackBerry security and apps spread atop Google’s Nougat. I like this phone for […]

While we wait for Samsung to announce the Galaxy S8 and LG to reveal the G6, the current flagship smartphones from both companies, the Galaxy S7 and the G5, are part of a new “buy one, get one free” offer at AT&T. Best AT&T Android phones 6 days ago Here’s how this offer works. Customers purchase a S7 or G5 phone on an AT&T Next or AT&T Next Every Year […]

‘They want to be literally machines’ : Writer Mark O’Connell on the rise of transhumanists – The Verge clockmore-arrow Biohackers, cryonics, brainuploading and more source of link

When Facebook launched Marketplace last fall, it had envisioned itself as a hybrid between eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. Checking in on Marketplace months later, I’d like to argue that that assessment is inaccurate. Rather, Marketplace is more appropriately Craigslist meets Seamless. And it’s my new favorite place on the internet. Have you checked your local offerings on Facebook Marketplace? Swipe through a bunch of used bookcases, blenders, and couches and […]

After a period exclusive to the Alpha ring, beta members of the Xbox Insider Program will be seeing an update very soon that brings native Beam streaming to their consoles. Xbox One Insiders – Preview Beta Users prepping a new build for 2.00pm PST today (2/25) with Beam broadcasting! — Brad Rossetti (@WorkWombatman) 25 February 2017 We expected it to roll out at some point this week, but Microsoft has […]

Normally we wouldn’t care about Samsung’s MWC press conference. This year it’s different. The previous few outings in Barcelona for the Korean giant have heralded the arrival of the latest Galaxy S smartphone. So we wouldn’t be very interested. But, this year it’s a little different, mainly because it isn’t a phone event by the looks of it. The invite to the event looks a lot like a tablet. In […]

Bonnie Ross, corporate vice president at Microsoft Studios and head of 343 Studios, confirmed this week at the DICE 2017 gaming summit that all future FPS Halo games will “always have split-screen going forward.” The news comes after the removal of local cooperative play in 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians, which was the first Halo game in the series to lack the feature. That decision was met with considerable backlash from […]